Hi from Charlie and FuggleWhump

We're just South East Londoner who care deeply about minimising our environmental impact, and helping others in our communities to do the same. Well Fuggle is more the community therapy dog, but I'm sure if he could talk he would agree with the above.

Through this website, and the shop My Eco Brockley at 7b Harefield Road I feel like we've built a wonderful community of wonderful locals, each working together to live more sustainable, less waste lifestyles.


I regularly organise litter picks, clothes swaps, have a monthly book club and have the occasional workshop; if you would like to keep up to date with this, please subscribe to the newsletter and follow the instagram page... I'm better with updating that. 

Everything My Eco Order supplies makes a difference to people and the planet. I hope to help you keep your shopping ethical, local, cruelty free and earth-friendly which isn't easy, especially in todays new normal.

My Eco is a way for you to grab your essentials all while supporting local (as local as possible), independent, and sustainably focused businesses!

Each product, from the wonderful UpCircle repurposed coffee ground face scrub, to Cheeky Panda Bamboo toilet paper and Primal Suds deodorant, has been handpicked, tried and tested to ensure that every purchase you make is a good one! Shopping sustainably doesn't have to mean compromise. 

Cities take up only 3% of the Earth’s surface, however cities account for 75% of the world’s carbon emissions. Collectively we can work together to stop consuming the worlds resources. 


The average British person will have emitted more carbon dioxide in the first two weeks of this year than a citizen of any one of seven African nations does in an entire year; these countries are some of the poorest and least equipped to cope with the Climate Crisis, however these countries will be some of the worst affected by Climate Change.


Every penny we spend is an investment into something larger than ourselves, so let's support the passion projects, the ethical start-ups, and above all support the planet with our wallet!