Sproud Chocolate Pea Milk  - thats right Pea Milk! And its absolutely delicious!It's Super chocolatey, less than 5% sugar.


The list of advantages for Sproud milk is a long one!  But first and foremost – it tastes great. Sproud is made to taste similar to semi skimmed cow’s milk, while being entirely plant-based. 


Sproud also works for several allergies. The plant-based chocolate milk alternative is lactose free, gluten free and soy free. 


Yellow split peas, providing the relatively high protein content in Sproud, are an eco-friendly option.


Let us see how our vegan chocolate milk substitute holds up against other options.


  • Contains lactose and dairy
  • Less eco-friendly than vegan options


  • Almonds require more water to produce than peas


  • Higher sugar content than Sproud Chocolate
  • Production process requires more water than Sproud Chocolate


  • Producing Sproud requires ten times less water than soy milk alternatives.
  • Some people are allergic to soy.


Pea protein is an unusually good choice from an environmental perspective. Compared to cow’s milk, Sproud’s chocolate milk substitute is entirely plant based, which leads to a reduced climate footprint. The yellow split peas require minimal water and land – even compared to other plant options like oats, soy and almonds. And peas replenish the soil they grow on. 


On top of this, Sproud has taken measures to make the pea products even more climate friendly. For one, the peas for products distributed in North America are grown in Canada, while they grow peas for distribution in Europe in France – which leads to less transports. 


Sproud’s drinks do not require refrigeration before opening, leading to less need for electricity. And the milk substitutes have a 365-day shelf life, which minimises the risk of unnecessary waste. After use, the eco-friendly Tetra Pak packaging can be recycled. 

Chocolate Milk - Sproud