Hydrating Face Serum with jojoba, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils.


Use morning and night to help boost collagen and keep skin firm.


Rich in Vitamin C, antioxidant-rich coffee and rosehip oils fade dark spots and brighten complexion.


Scented with geranium, rose and lemon essential oils.


Also excellent as a hair or beard oil: jojoba oil softens hair whilst rosehip keeps the skin beneath healthy and reduces irritation.


Apply after moisturiser - the serum is 100% oil based, taking longer to be absorbed into the skin. The serum works through occlusion, locking in the hydration provided by the moisturiser by forming a protective seal over your skin.


For all skin types.


Certified Organic, 100% natural, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Face Serum - UpCircle