We love this mini Hamam Set, which includes a Hamam glove, face towel and a locally made nourishing handmade soap.  And as always theres no plastic included in this product making it a lovely Eco Present. 


This set has the essentials for a  hammam bath session whether its a treat for yourself or a gift this set is a cleansing dream.


If you've ever been to a Mediterranean country on a holiday and experienced a hammam bath, you'll know what we're talking about. Lots of steam, deep exfoliation and gentle nourishing. 


It contains:

- 1 face towel - small and compact for wiping your face, can be used dry or wet for exfoliating, made of 100% cotton. Colours may vary.

- 1 hamam glove - this is the ultimate exfoliator! Made of poplar tree fiber, this is used without soap and eliminates dead skin better than any other loofahs. Simply turn on the tap and create a bit of steam in the room, wet your skin, then wet the glove and start scrubbing. For best results, use without soap. Not suitable for face use. If you wish, you can use the soap after you're done using the hamam glove, to nourish the skin and leave a pretty scent.

- 1 handmade nourishing vegan soap. The Naked Herb's signature soap, scented with essential oils, bursting with coconut and mango seed butter. This set contains a Teatree & peppermint soap, but if you'd like other scents from our range please let us know. You'll find the other scent in the soap section of the website. 

Hamam Set - The Naked Herb Soap

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