It’s finally here!

The thing you’ve all been asking for, it’s the kids clothes swap.

Kids grow so fast, and it’s so expensive having children, feeding, heating n all the rest. Plus the added stress of clothing which costs and has a impact on the environment.

So it was finally time; the first of many children’s clothes swap brought to you by My Eco Brockley and Brickfields.

It will be the same usual vibe, bring your mates, swap clothes and enjoy some cocktails. It’s a night for you parents… no children invited… it is a bar after all. And a sort of night off for you.

The ticket funds will go towards my new community project. For more information on this keep a look out on our Instagram page.

Hopefully see you there!

To make things a little smoother on the night of you could drop the clothes off to the shop before the day that would be really useful.

Kids Clothes Swap