Cutting the crap from your hair routine.


We love Beauty Kubes as they are so unique and smell so good. You'll be sniffing your hair all day and thanks to lockdown there will be no one to watch you and think you're weird. The Kubes are free from all nasties including no silicone, no sulphates and of course they're vegan and cruelty free! These products are made in Devon.


The plastic free, Tabitha Eve hair ties are handmade in Wales. The ties are made out of organic cotton, and natural rubber, and not only are they plastic free, but because there's no metal or plastic that means no snagging on your hair and less breakages!


The Croll & Denecke brush just like the hair tie, is much better for your hair care routine than that of plastic products. The natural materials used are gentler on hair, meaning less breakages, and the wooden pins maintain healthier hair with less static. The brush is made with all natural materials, the wood used is FSC birchwood and its vegan friendly.

Plastic free starter kit - For hair