The perfect pair for the transition from body wash to soap.


If you're investing in lovely soaps you need the right soap dish.


We picked this specific dish because for your soap to last  the dish that it sits in needs to easily drain. If your natural soap is sitting in water it will absorb all of the water and will just become beautifully smelling slush. 


This dish is made out of Bamboo, one of favourite materials because it is extremely sustainable, Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants, it doesn't need to be replanted or cultivated when cut, the plant still continues to grow.


We have included two options for this set, however if you would like a different soap please let us know.


The Primal Suds Freshco is made with Kaolin…white clay. Kaolin works pretty much the same as Bentonite clay but is gentler on sensitive skin. This one also has oatmeal for exfoliation, soothing for skin and believe it or not moisturising. Freschobar has a real zesty punch with the Essential oils used, including Tea Tree oil which is nature's answer to skincare. 


The UpCircle soap is infused with repurposed Chai Spices and also includes organic Cinnamon and Ginger oils, the base ingredient is Pink Clay which helps reduce redness, irritation and spots. 


Like everything else on this website these soaps are vegan, cruelty free, sustainable and palm oil free. 

Soap Set