This all natural soap set is seriously upping your bath time game. 


The soaps included in this set are the oh so locally made Naked Herb Soaps, made in Blackheath by Ioana. We have included five different options of scents for you to choose from and add to your gift. Each soap is made of coconut butter, olive oil, mango butter and other nourishing oils that soften your skin.


If you're investing in lovely soaps you need the right soap dish.


We picked this specific dish because for your soap to last  the dish that it sits in needs to easily drain. If your natural soap is sitting in water it will absorb all of the water and will just become beautifully smelling slush. 


This dish is made out of Bamboo, one of favourite materials because it is extremely sustainable, Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants, it doesn't need to be replanted or cultivated when cut, the plant still continues to grow.

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